Asar . September 21, 2021

Top 10 tips to enhance your kids English skills during this pandemic

1. Read or watch news in English. Watch your favorite cartoons and try to repeat the phrases and share the story with your friends in English.

2. Watch TV shows that interest you. As you watch, notice the tone of voice.

3. Learn two new words everyday and also write the definition and an example sentence for that word.

4. Review all of these vocabularies and sentences everyday.

5. Get a conversation partner. It could be your parents or friends or your teachers. Try to communicate with them only in English. 

6. Choose a simple topic. Speak to yourself probably in front of the mirror. As the days pass, you will witness overcoming stage fear gradually. 

7. Learn to pronounce correctly. Tongue twisters can help in a great way for learning complicated words.

8. Avoid giving one word answers. Try to frame a sentence for each questions. 

9. If you're at home, make English speaking a daily habit. Soon, this will become an habitual action. 

10. Enjoy learning English. It doesn't matter whether you make mistakes. In order to improve your English, make mistakes and spot the errors and rectify it.

Happy Learning

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